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About The artist

To summarize my works, I have decided to name it 'Machtig Prachtig'. In Dutch this means so much as 'Mightily Marvellous'.

'Machtig Prachtig' is ironical poetry.

All works can be seen as collages expressing a desire.

In the paintings the central subjects are the love for detail and a desire for beauty and physicality.

The composed images make my internal world accessible to the viewer. There is a nostalgic feeling  about a past unknown to me. A place where an imperfect environment, humanity and inefficiency are acceptable traits.

This world I have found in Eastern Europe, a place full of raw beauty and intriguing imperfection.

People are being put in strange situations, there is a play of perspective and blowing up objects and figures to unknown sizes.

In my central work Moscow's flat buildings seem to slide down a skiing ramp.

The images are composed from found footage from a collected archive of books, carefully cut out and fused into one. The propagandistic images of the Soviet Union contain the beauty of the simple life, where the functionality of objects and a common goal where important values. I have arranged a personal dysfunctional utopia from these images.

'Machtig Prachtig' is not only a bluff, it is a description of my internal world and the oeuvre up until now.

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