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Oilpant on canvas
60 x 80 cm

Obninsk was the location of the first nuclear power plant in the world, which started operating in 1954.

The reference image was taken from the Big Soviet Encyclopedia



Portrait of a Ukranian girl with traditional flower wreath. The reference image is taken from a book about the beauty of the republics of the USSR, issued in 1968.

Oilpaint and embroidery silk on canvas.
30 x 30 cm

Note; I am open to portrait painting commissions on canvas or wood.



White beans in tomato sauce in porcelain sauceboat.
Oilpant on canvas
30 x 30 cm

The portrait

It has sparked my curiosity that the portrait is usually represented by the face, so every outsider can still recognize the person who is the subject of the image. In my way of portraiture, the people portrayed can only be recognized by themselves, their lovers and the creator. It is an intimate way of presenting a person, by using a part of the body as individual as the face. All shapes, sizes, textures and colors are individual.

    All nipple portraits are painted on     

  hand-shaped concave canvasses using oilpaint. On average the diameter of the works is 8 cm, but sizes slightly vary. The series was started during the year of 2017 and the collection is ongoing.

They are also created on commission.


Oilpaint on wood, cut out

80 x 60 cm, 2020

V. I. Lenin

The portrait was the centerpiece of a public installation in Deventer called the Soviet pavillion.

'Vinkje, Slavinkje' is the title of this small mixed media stillife. Embroidery and oil painting are brought together, depicting a bird and a meat-roll whose names are almost the same.

The canvas size is 20x20 cm and the work has been made in 2017.

Vinkje, slavinkje

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