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                         Zwolle, The Netherlands, 1996

Tamara studied fine art at Academie Minerva in Groningen from 2013 to 2017, following additional courses at Klassieke academie from 2016 to 2017.

"My works refer to the visual language of the USSR. Soviet official art expressed a clear vision for the future, which was already fixed according to the ideology and promised constant progress. In hindsight this viewpoint seems naive and peculiar. The original context surrounding these imagery ceased to exist, which made them meaningless.

Though the intended message doesn’t hold power anymore, her initial meaning and presence causes friction. How to react to references to the past when there is no achieved consensus regarding the nature of it. To which degree do these artworks have a symbolic power, and what is their autonomous value?"

Tamara Stoffers has been working with the subject of the USSR since 2013, exploring the complexity of the Soviet visual language and its heritage with both a playfulness and directness, yet sensitivity. To avoid directing the opinions or associations of the viewer on the subject pictured, accompanying descriptions are limited to the year and location the reference image was taken.



The New Past by Tamara Stoffers              An unepected view

Новое прошлое Тамары Стофферс

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography    WTC Art Gallery

Moscow                                         Rotterdam

Solo exhibition                                Group exhibition


Photo Brussels Festival                       Photoworks presents 'Collaborate'

Hangar Art Center, Brussels                    Free Range, London


Haute Photographie Fotografiska              Haute Photographie

Fotografiska, Stockholm                        LP2 Rotterdam

New Dutch Photography Talent 2018

5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam


Van Lanschot Kempen


Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej (2019)

Verbeke Foundation (2018)




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