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The Soviet Union has a mysterious appeal to me. Its typical visual language in architecture and art feels nostalgic to some and is still relevant to others. I compose my images of old books concerning the USSR, cutting and pasting to create new situations. For me, crafting these works is a game. By digging through archives without a preconceived plan, I subconsciously find visual connections. My biggest challenge while doing this lies in the limitations caused by the size and subject of the source material. Subtle traces of the material and of my interventions, like grids and cuts, show that the basis is strictly analogue.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-21 om 23.06.39.


karl-marx-prospekt kleinst.jpg
kleinste kievsky.jpg
Krymsky Most kleiner.jpg
red gates kleinst.jpg
volgogradsky kleinst.jpg
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